Reception Basics – Current Sam’s Club Prices

Renters often buy acrylic cake plates, forks, napkins, etc. for reception use, and I’m frequently asked where to purchase these items economically. Resources and styles are endless but Sam’s Club carries most all the basics, & their prices are generally Waco’s lowest. To help with your comparison shopping I gathered information during one of our  recent Sam’s Club treks  to save  you a trip.  I forgot to write down two prices but have the items listed because they’re often needed & are available at Sam’s.   Note: Sam’s Club used to carry the “china look-alike” acrylics and “silver look-alike” flatware, they don’t currently have these in the store but may sell them on the website; I’ve also seen these at Costco in Dallas. Sam’s does not carry cocktail napkins.

  • $8.47     Dinner napkins (Vanity Fair brand) – white, 6 pck/100 ea
  • $7.48     Cups, 9 oz, 200 count, clear acrylic,  (good size for wine or punch)
  • $8.87     Cups, 20 oz, 100 count, clear acrylic,  (good size for tea, lemonade, sodas or beer)
  • $7.48     Cups, 16 oz, 100 count, clear acrylic,  (good size for beer, tea, lemonade or sodas)
  • $7.86     Plates, 6 1/4″, 70 count, clear acrylic, (cake or appetizer plates)
  • $8.64     Plates, 9″, 40 count, clear acrylic, (dinner or hor’duerves only reception)
  • $8.22     Forks, 300 count, clear acrylic (remember to buy for both the bride and groom’s cakes, 2 per guest)
  • $???       Cutlery combinations of forks, knives, spoons, 130 sets, clear acrylic (dinner setups)
  • $???       Toothpicks, packs of 6/100 each (hor’duerves or appetizers, we’ll supply holders)
  • $10.87   Steam/chafing dish aluminum liners, fits 8 quart size (20 3/4 x 12 13/16), 15 count
  • $12.76   Chafing dish fuel, 12 pack, 6 hour burn
  • $19.42    Deli containers, 130 count, 8 oz,  with lid, (leftovers for guests)

Almost Spring

It’s that time of year …. the live oaks are loosing their leaves with every gust of wind & the only spots of green in the still-dormant St. Augustine grass are patches of weeds. There is no hope of having a “perfect” garden, so I’m slowly learning to appreciate this garden’s perfection as it is. To garden when I can … to not obsess over an ever-present long list of garden tasks too impossible for one garden guy (Greg), let alone the landscape crews that are periodically hired for “weed blitzes”.  Fifteen BU Steppin’ Out volunteers will plant pink petunias in the middle beds on March 27, a 3-hour task. Another long fall and winter season of leaf bagging should be over by mid-April. Throughout the 5.58 acres multiple patches of cannas, lillies, iris and other perennials are popping up thru mulched beds, in the incredible  range of green tones seen only in early spring. Yes, we could have more frosts or snow, but for now a few pink five-petaled roses are in full bloom on a climber outside the men’s lounge & there’s a small yellow patch of daffodils along the driveway. Another “almost spring” in the Pape Gardens …. and life is good.