Spring Planting

Spring planting at EHHPG is tricky. There’s never enough time. Soil preparation includes each year’s first “weed blitz”, along with adding tons of compost to the beds for soil enrichment. The compost is “made” on-site from yard debris, including leaf pick-up, a six month process that winds down in April. Planting too early can stunt growth or result in burned or frozen foliage, but most of our planting needs to be finished before the event season begins in April. Thousands of plants are set out each year, quantity is necessary to make any impression at all in a large garden. Annuals are chosen to provide months of color;  shrubs and perennials – the garden’s foundation – are added or replaced as needed. This year begonias, verbena, petunias & several lantana varieties have been added to several new spots in the garden. They are standards to Waco gardens for a reason – they’re low-maintenance and provide reliable color. We’re continued to add knock-out roses for these same reason.

On March 27 BU’s Steppin Out  volunteers from the Latin Club helped plant petunias and begonias, none of the ten BU students had ever gardened but their 3 hrs’ service will add much beauty to the garden. Ten students from TSTC’s horticulture program toured EHH and installed a number of shrubs & perennials. Spring gardening help at EHHPG is always very appreciated – THANK YOU!!


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