Rental “News”

Greg & Eben have added stripes to the Ellis Street parking lot to ease parking congestion. Thirty cars can use the parking lot, both sides of Ellis are also recommended for guest parking as it is a street with little traffic.  5th St. lot signage has also been added to direct guests.

Kathy can now schedule for “lot sitters” – adults wearing orange vests will sit in each lot to deter car break-ins, as well as to assist guests as they leave the event. Each sitter carries a cell phone to call your security officers or WPD, renters will pay $10/hr per lot sitter. We recommend they be on duty from the beginning the wedding until the reception ends.

Arrange for cakes to be delivered and assembled in the tent no more than an hour before the reception begins. If the cake must be delivered and assembled earlier in the day EHHPG staff will provide an indoor space for its storage but WILL NOT carry cakes to the tent (liability for another vendor’s product). The baker or renters are also responsible for any necessary cake assembly or flower additions.  Cakes are food – placement outdoors hours before serving your guests could be a health hazard.

Bevelled glass for cupcake or display pyramids and four new silver cake plateaus have been added to EHHPG’s inventory – 7″, 12″, 18″ and 22″. Table runners, chair ties and damask runners and squares have also been added, these can be used if a laundering fee is paid.


5/1/10 Decor Pics; Garden Gift

Yesterday’s weather was glorious, temps in the 70’s with a slight breeze. After a 7pm wedding behind the gazebo, 210 guests celebrated into the evening, under a full moon. Handfuls of rose petals showered the bride and groom as they departed the tent and the drive in a stretch limo.

Nikki Riggs photographed a few of the tent’s decor details prior the start of the reception. Khaki and sage green natural materials – moss, green apples, rock, curly willow, dried and live plants – added a subtle, earthy elegance to the white backdrop of the tent, table & chairs. The renter donated all her decor items to our inventory – thank you very much 🙂  Nikki  is a recent UNT photography graduate, we’re grateful when she can grab her camera to document details on what is always a very busy prep day. If you are looking for decorative centerpieces take note of the wire basket filled with greenery in the picture above, I’ve planted ten of these sweet little baskets with ivy, fern and geraniums; flower stems or ribbon bows can will easily customize the baskets for most decors.

Today longtime Pape Foundation Director Lu Billings & daughter Trish will present us with a generous plant donation. Trish is a national executive for Color Spot Nurseries, several times over the past years their additions of shrubs, perennials & annuals have greatly enhanced the garden’s beauty. When you next visit the gardens please know that Lu and Trish’s staff support and plant gifts have played a significant role in beautifying the grounds.

Other than carpet roses I’m  not sure what items Trish has picked for us to try out, it’s always exciting to see what products will add the most impact.  This week all of the knock out roses are in full bloom. Greg planted 45 pink knockouts in the 5th St. interior beds; 20 moss baskets have also been prepared. Buds are forming on the cottage fence’s mermaid roses. Lilies, gerbers, and petunias are blooming, and the yellow columbine are at their peak – I’m convinced they’re taller than usual. There are magnolia blooms in the tops of the grandifloras – these will bloom thru early July. Most of the plants have emerged from dormancy so the garden is well on its way to “lush”.