EHHPG Inventory: Two Sound Systems

An advantage of blog posts is that I can provide rental information for users to access between site visits. I’m especially happy to post this sound system info because it’s equipment I know little about. Greg or Eben handle these setups, I don’t want to. Posting this slide show that contains pictures and information will allow ‘music assignees’ or officiants to look over the equipment prior to the event without the necessity of a site visit. **IPOD & MP3 music can vary in sound quality depending on player models and from where/how the music is downloaded. Prior to your event date we recommend that you make an appointment to plug in your IPOD or MP3 to determine if your quality will be up to par.

Sound Systems is a PP slideshow without sound – double-click to download and view on your computer.

Sound Systems


EHHPG: Babies At Events

Parents may not feel comfortable leaving their little ones at home for a wedding – moms may be nursing, don’t have caretakers, or they may have travelled from out-of-town. It’s tough to really want to attend a special friend’s or relative’s wedding, but not want to leave a baby or toddler to do so.

We do provide some comfort measures for parents with babies and toddlers. The women’s bathroom has a changing table. There are two comfortable rocking chairs on the Earle-Harrison House porch, and another in the cottage. And, moms may want to consider bringing a sitter to watch the baby inside the cottage during the event, most babies will want to nap in a quiet space at some point. Parents are certainly welcome to take a cottage break with the baby as needed.  Little ones are especially sensitive to the outdoors: we recommend that baby sunscreen and bug spray be used liberally prior to their time outside.

There is one serious consideration that renters may want to address with friends who bring infants or toddlers to the wedding – and you’ll likely know who needs the reminder – the removal of  fussy or disruptive children during the ceremony. Most, but not all parents will leave the ceremony with a fussy child – it only takes one cranky voice to disrupt the service.  If requested, we’ll post a chalkboard sign on a floor easel  somewhere near to the ceremony site with a reminder, & an additional sentence to  ask all guests to turn off cell phones.

This Garden’s Roses

We try to complete the annual ‘trimming of the roses’ around Valentine’s Day. Rose thorns are vicious, their ‘bite’ can sting well beyond the initial prick. It’s not actually honest to include ‘me’ in the ‘we’ for annual trimming duties because, among other plants, I’ve developed an allergy to rose pricks. After multiple rash & swollen face episodes I’m banned from the trimming team, since I enjoy gardening the ban is a mixed blessing.

Dressed in well-insulated clothing, boots & leather gloves, each year Greg & Eben spend a couple of long weekends shearing  476 rose bushes. So many plants yet so few – a large garden like this one requires  massive plantings in order to have any visual impact. One hundred and two (102) roses are planted in the Three Muses bed (statue by the tent). Ninety-four (94) are planted in Earle-Harrison House’s front beds.  Who’d guess?! Yesterday Greg counted and identified all the property’s roses, we planted most of them & even we find the numbers staggering, especially considering that there are many locations ‘begging’ for more.  Ten pink fairy roses are planted along 5th Street’s circular drive, a memorial gift from a group of friends. The rose garden near the back entrance to the gazebo was also a memorial gift, installed in 2004. Garden memorials like these are a wonderful way to honor friends & family and they add beauty to a location enjoyed by the public. It’s touching when the planting of a specially chosen tree or plant is made a part of a wedding/reception.

Next month & again in the fall, Greg will amply amend all the roses with our compost and city-provided mulch. April, May and October are the best months for this garden’s roses to be in full bloom – the bloom quantity seems to be tied to rain and cooler evening temperatures. Our roses have fewer blooms during July and August. Most of the property’s interior roses bloom in shades of pink. Photo: May 2010

Bridal Shoot: Kathryn Krueger Photography

Photographer Kathryn Krueger’s stunning bridal portraits remind me that green grass & colorful flowers will eventually grace the garden (winter always ‘feels’ long by February).  Natalie Camper’s bridal portraits were taken a couple of hours before sunset on October 6, 2010. Natalie and Jeremy got married here November 7, just before fall’s first frost. Several of Natalie’s framed bridal portraits were added to their reception sign-in table.

All ‘our brides’ are encouraged to take bridal portraits. It’s a chance to “test-drive” the dress & shoes on the grounds, see how long the hair & makeup appointment takes, pick up the bouquet & time yourself on loading the car with just a few of the items that’ll be used on your wedding day. Preparation for the photo shoot often helps in readjusting the  day-of  schedule – you may decide a second pair of flat shoes will be more comfortable for the reception or that you’ll need to allow more dressing time. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera so bridal portraits also give  both bride & photographer a chance to work together.

Renters are not charged an additional fee for the bridal session, but an appointment must be scheduled. Photographs may be taken on the grounds and inside Earle-Harrison House. Non-renters may also book portrait sessions, a $75/hr charge is paid at the appointment. For our renter’s receptions, floor easels to display larger canvases are included in our rental inventory, the portraits are draped to discourage “peeking” prior to the ceremony. Incorporating bridal portraits, engagement and/or family photographs into the reception decor is a popular element that’ll instantly personalize your decor.

To enjoy more of Kathryn’s artistic photography visit: