A Pop of Orange

Whoa, the 70th blog post…. seems appropriate for featuring orange, a color of many hues seen in Pape Gardens throughout the year. Not just a fall color, orange pairs well with white linens and other bright colors. Mixed with offbeat items the tablescape can be cheerfully different, something to remember as fun, and just a bit of who you are.

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Purples, Greens, Teals

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This photoshoot has reminded me of how picky I can and need to be. Little things like crooked forks, a goblet slightly misplaced, or the serged hem of a sash used under the centerpiece drive me bonkers. It’s a reminder of why I easily spend more than an hour after each event is set up fiddling with details – which are often then “rearranged” even more by gusts of wind.

This photoshoot also reminded me of how fun it is to pull a look together from our inventory. Bouquets placed on the tables by the bridal party easily become a part of the decor. Also note how a simple ribbon tied around a colored cloth napkin has huge impact on the overall look.

Pale Pink Vintage Garden

The pintuck linen topper depicted in this slideshow is a 90″ square, it is  laundered with softener, and not ironed. These toppers can be used at no additional charge as is. Or, prior to events these can be professionally laundered & ironed (crisper look) for $5/ea.

A 12″ square block covered in green moss was used as a foundation for the two decor setups. The moss squares add a bit of height for the centerpiece.

The only fresh flowers in these photos are the pink garden roses tucked in the lace napkin bands, they were also added to the silk hydrangeas in the vase. Garden roses grow in clusters, they will last for hours when the stems are placed in water tubes which can be easily hidden in the folds of fabric or added greenery. Pecan branches have been added for height and drama in a crystal vase, we always have a stash on hand from tree trimming on the property.

Buffet dinners are the most common meals served at EHHPG. Although some renters will order china, flatware and glassware thru their caterers, clear acrylic plates and cups that are set up with the food are most commonly used. Napkin-wrapped flatware in a rented cloth napkin is a good way to add color and functionality to guest tables, we’ll wrap and place these. Colored poly napkins may be rented thru our supplier for .51/ea, or, use our white poly napkins & pay the .35/ea price for laundering. If paper napkins are used, we provide wire basket dispensers to prevent them from blowing away should it be windy.

For the bride and groom’s table, we often set up china or depression glass from Kathy’s personal collection – in this case early Spode china plates & 1930’s pink depression glass and goblets. Another excuse to continue collecting!

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Inexpensive White Resin Chair Dress Up

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Chair sashes are one of most effective and inexpensive ways to add color to reception and ceremony areas.

At our location, a large selection of sashes can be rented from our linen supplier for $1/ea. To decrease costs while still having impact, we suggest that every other chair be tied for guest tables. Consider adding impact with sashes on just the wedding aisle chairs, a $20 rental.

This year we expect to receive requests to add ribbon strands to chair backs – this current wedding decor trend is most often depicted in photos  on the ceremony aisle or the back row chairs, or on the bride and groom’s reception chairs – with good reason, ribbon can be expensive and its labor-intensive. 4-8 full-length strands of ribbon tied to each chair will provide the most impact; it takes about 1 minute to tie each strand multiply this by the number of chairs to be dressed for a realistic idea of what’s involved time-wise. Because ribbon tying is time-consuming, renters must supply pre-cut ribbon strands for the installation.

Style Shoot: Preview

This week www.nikriggsphoto.com spent the better part of three days shooting tabletops. Using our inventory, guest tables depicting a variety of decor styles and color palettes were filmed from varied angles. These included high, medium and low centerpieces with and without floral additions. A few cake table setups were also shot, as well as  popular chair dress ups. Because its winter we photographed inside Earle-Harrison House dining room.

Photo shoots are time-consuming and fun – 81 hours from beginning setup to the final edit. Greg, Jonathan Buchanan and I worked as a team to setup three different tables with decor, palettes and flowers that could easily complement one another for an event.

I arranged loose flowers from wolfewholesaleflorist.com, but we also incorporated vibrant bouquets and centerpieces  arranged by Wolfe’s staff for a wedding show  – recycling at its best! A few linen rentals from gbslinens.com were also mixed in to emphasize the impact fabric and color choices can make in the overall appearance of a table.

Table decor posts will  begin mid-February.