August 2012: Two Events And A Roadtrip

August 2: An engagement party for 300+ guests; a Moroccan-themed event. Vendors: Caroline Fair, Planner; Eddie Deen Catering; Pendley Party Productions; Bloomingals Floral;

Greg and I then took two road trips. Our first drive went thru parts of OK, KS, NE, UT, MT, Alberta, British Columbia, WA, OR, WY and CO. Being westerners who mostly raised our boys in MT, it was very sad to see how much the glaciers have melted and how much fire damage has occurred in many of our old hangouts. We drove thru Glacier Park to Canada’s Peace Park in the early am, a still beautiful drive but with far fewer glaciers, waterfalls, wildlife or wildflower viewing than past August trips. I did enjoy mentally arranging wildflowers in BC where the scenery was lush and green – so many wedding flowers grow along the backroads and highways! We snacked at veg/fruit stands along much of the trip, including cherries grown around our old hometown of Bigfork on Flathead Lake, MT – heaven! We also spent a night in Durango, CO  then took steam-powered train trip to Silverton and back. For train enthusiasts, this would be a good honeymoon location, it’s a train trip that rates as one of the best in the world.

After returning home to check on the property, trade our car in on a 50mpg diesel Jetta wagon, and sleep in our own bed for a couple of nights, we then drove to AR. It was our third visit to Garvan Gardens, just outside Hot Springs; we traveled back roads thru the Ozarks into mountain areas we’d not explored before, then stayed overnight in Bentonville to visit Crystal Springs Art Museum. Built by the heiress to Walmart, this site opened last year, and is rated by Travel & Leisure magazine as one of the top five destinations in the world (and the only US destination listed on their top 12 list). IMO AR, especially these two sites are highly recommended travel destinations, and worth considering for honeymoons.

We and the pt crew are now back to August’s normal  gardening tasks – weeding, trimming and mulching.

August 31: A wedding/reception for 75 guests. A U.S. Army flag was hung from EHH’s upper veranda in honor of the groom’s current service at Fort Hood.


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