April 2013

Lovely warm days followed by surprisingly cold days.¬† The guys have been busy weeding and tilling the beds; henbit and dandelions are rampant this year. Trees are leafing out, columbine, roses and gerberas are blooming in the garden, but we’re also still raking up live oak leaves and pollen – another typical Waco spring.

The tent has a new lighting addition. Twenty-one 10″, 18″ & 20″ wire balls, several strung w/ LED strings have been added to the tent’s string lights. Paper lanterns will still be hung, but the new lights tie well into the grapevine/stringlights on the tent’s interior poles.

4/6/13: A wedding for 200 guests; a peacock palette with an emphasis on teal. 4″ annuals planted in glass containers were added to the table decor, then gifted to guests. Vendors were a mix of family and professionals. Bride’s cake: Bobby Rudeen; Florals: Cyndi Desmarais.

4/13/13: A palette of navy, white, gray, cream & peach. 185 mostly out-of-town and out-of-state guests. Personal touches included fan programs, CD favors of the couple’s favorite music, and keyboard music performed by the bride’s grandmother. Officiant: Eric Howell; Caterer/Bar: Patti’s Kitchen; Cakes: Bobby Rudeen; Flowers: Cyndi Desmarais; Photographer/Photobooth: Shelley Kutina; Videographer: Rob Lewis; Hair: Phillip Sanchez; Makeup: Kathy Lewie; DJ & Ceremony Music: Apex Productions

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4/20/13: A “soft, elegant,vintage, romantic” wedding/reception that incorporated the brides 26 DIY projects, including a brooch bouquet she made with the groom. A 30′ photo and candy table is to date, the largest we’ve set up. MOG delivered cakes from an Athens, TX bakery; the groom’s cake featured a fondant airplane¬† ordered from a NY vendor that replicated the plane the groom is responsible for at L-3. Officiant: Johnny Adams; Photographer: Alex Wolf; Caterer: Carino’s; DJ & Ceremony Music: Mike Swain.


4/27/13: 165 guests, a wedding for two newly-graduated physicians who will report to their residencies next month. Navy, gray, white and coral palette; the bride’s coloring books and program fans added a personal touch to the ceremony and reception. The couple’s dog wore a floral necklace and served as one of the groomsman. Officiant: Drew Baker; Caterer/Bar: Patti’s Kitchen; Cake: Bobby Rudeen; Florist: Cyndi Desmarais; Photographer: Nikki Riggs; DJ/Ceremony: DJ Connection